Success Face Podcast 01: My Story

Mark Ketting of Pyramid Industries joins Chris Richlife to talk about their success stories.

Mark Ketting’s Story


Mark Ketting is the founder and CEO of Pyramid Industries, an international multi-level marketing company with the unique approach of allowing YOU to start from the top and work your way down.

He didn’t start at the top himself, though. He grew up a lonely child, with nobody but a nanny, a chauffeur, several undocumented servants, a chef, a petting zoo, and the non-english-speaking children that sometimes accompanied his ethnic maids. This difficult childhood lead him to develop the Pyramid System™ as a way to gain more friends.


Chris Richlife’s Story

Chris Richlife is a social media guru, life coach, motivational speaker, entrepreneur and handsome marketing genius! He founded Success Face as a way of teaching others what he had learned about success.

Chris’ incredibly journey began when he left his drudging 11-2 job making barely more than 7 figures a year, and set out to follow his dreams. He traveled throughout the first world to find out what made successful people successful. What he discovered changed his life and lead to the creation of the Success Face program.

What is Success Face?

The answer is simple, and at the same time, it’s complicated. Its simplicity is what makes it so complicated:

The secret to success is in your face!

Still confused? That’s okay, because all will be made clear to you soon, with a little bit of time, patience, money and brainwashing.

This Week’s Success Quote:


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