SHOCKING: Going from Hunger to Green with the Cash Chameleon | Success Face Podcast 04

Upstart entrepreneur Cash Chameleon tells his SHOCKING secrets and joins Chris Richlife to talk about his new book, Change In Your Pocket!

About Cash Chameleon

Cash Chameleon is a renowned entrepreneur and success guru. In this episode, he reveals a shocking secret about his humble beginnings and the changes he went through in order to develop his new persona and incredible wealth-gaining strategy of using mimicry to be more awesome than you could ever be by being yourself.

change in your pocket

Change In Your Pocket: From Hunger to Green

In Cash’s new book, he teaches YOU how to mimic HIS wealth-building mimicry approach in order to take YOURSELF from hunger to green.

Some of the key points in the book include:


  • Change who you are.
  • Change your accent.
  • Change your mannerisms.
  • Change your wardrobe.


  • When to be a chameleon
  • When to change your accent (buy his free DVD for only 3 payments of $99)


  • When not to be a chameleon


This Week’s Success Quote:


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