About Chris

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Christopher Richlife is a social media guru, life coach, motivational speaker, entrepreneur and handsome marketing genius!

Like most people, Chris spent years living in an agonizing 11-to-2 job making less than 7 figures per year as a Corner Office Occupant at his father’s humble international luxury hotel business. With few prospects for upward mobility (beyond his annual guaranteed 15% pay increase plus stock options and bonuses and the eventual inheritance of the company), Chris took one of the biggest and most rewarding risks of his life:

He quit.*

With nothing but the shirt on his back,** Chris spent the following years pursuing his dream: To make tons of money, without working for any of it!

He traveled across the world, avoiding impoverished third world countries and France, and sleeping in whatever shelters he could find; hostels, park benches††, the presidential suites in his father’s luxury hotels– anything that would provide shelter from the harsh conditions of life on the streets. 5518518a-7eec-4d43-bf77-2f8919584944 Amidst his journeys, he met successful individuals from all walks of life: A young upstart dictator who had inherited an entire nation from his father. An oil merchant, who had made his fortune with nothing but tons of oil-rich land and funding from known terrorist groups. A chubby asian guy who Chris suspects was probably Buddha. A long-necked, hairy mammal, who Chris is absolutely convinced was definitely the Dalai Llama.¹

While following the tweets of all these unique yet successful individuals, Chris began to distill a pattern that revealed the powerful keys to success. With new insight and experience, Chris returned home to his modest beachside condo, where he spent the next several months meditating in solitude² on all that he had seen and heard. When he finally emerged, he revealed an in-depth, extensive program designed to help everyone³ reach a point where they can succeed in life without working for it!  Image-156- That program is called Success Face, and it’s based on a very simple, yet profound, principle:

The secret to success is in your face!

What exactly does that mean?

That is the mystery– and magic– of Success Face! To find out more, check out the “About Success Face” page and the customer testimonies, and be sure to subscribe to the Success Face Podcast for your weekly dose of success in your face! file0001128513368

*For legal reasons, and also because Chris’ father is the primary financier behind My Success Face®, we’re required to clarify that Chris was technically placed on indefinite sabbatical (with full salary and benefits) in order to remove him from any suspicion during a controversial investigation by minority stockholders into alleged rampant nepotism.

**And the aforementioned salary and benefits. And a considerable trust fund.

†Some might argue that Chris had already accomplished that the moment he stopped working his non-job, for which he was already overpaid. Others might argue that Chris accomplished it the moment he was born. Chris himself says, “You don’t always have control over where you’ve been, but you ALWAYS have control of where you go–especially if you come from a wealthy family.”

††Hostels and park benches are mentioned hypothetically, of course. As in, he could have slept in those places.

¹Don’t. Just… don’t.

²Not counting his weekly all-night ragers.

³Preferably people who already have a solid source of passive income.