7 Tips For Firing Someone Who Is Really Hot –#9 Is SO TRUE!! | Success Face Podcast 06

Franz Tribiani, author of Harassment: A Second Look, joins Chris Richlife to share 7 tips for firing a really hot employee!

This Week’s Success Quote:

7 Tips For Firing Someone Who Is Really Hot!

1. Continuously compliment their hotness so they don’t feel bad.

Help soften the blow of being fired by reminding her that she’s so hot she’ll have no problem finding a new job.

2. Ask for all forms of communication to stay in touch for potential “opportunities.”

Make sure you have an easy way to contact/stalk her so you can let her know if there are any more opportunities in the future (employment-related or otherwise).

3. Make her an amazing breakfast either before or after the firing.

Location is key!

4. Ask if she has any hotter, younger siblings she can refer to take her place.

Maybe she wasn’t a good fit. But maybe she has a hotter, younger sibling worth considering. The hotter and younger the better!

5. Try to think of a less-attractive co-worker and try to fire them instead.

Sure, an ugly employee might be more compliment, but think about the cost to morale. Plus, I don’t trust ugly employees.

6. Make it clear that you are there for her.

This can be an emotional time for her. Let her know that if she needs to talk to anyone, or needs a hug, or someone to make out with for a bit, you’re there for her.

7. Don’t.

You can always afford hotness.


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