6 Signs You Just Shouldn’t Even Try This Year — #41 left me speechless! | Success Face 07

Mark Ketting of Pyramid Industries joins Chris Richlife again as they talk about 6 signs you just shouldn’t even try this year! Pay attention–they may be talking about you!

This Week’s Success Quote:

6 Signs You Just Shouldn’t Even Try This Year!

1. You have ethics or morals.
Ethics can get in the way of financial success. That’s why you never hear about ethical bank robbers.
2. You’re over 40.
Sorry, it’s just too late for you.
3. You’re a pedophile.
I hope I don’t have to explain that.
4. Family time is important to you.
Want to succeed? Put your time and energy into your business, not your family.
5. Your mom really believes you can do it.
My mom was good for one thing: making me. Your mom may be well-intentioned, but if she thinks you can really make it, it’s because she’s your mom, and not because you can really you make it.
6. You’re a conservative.
Our hedonist culture has moved on, and left you behind. Wise up, or just give up.



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