12 Ways To Start Making $1,000 More Per Month, INSTANTLY! #15 LITERALLY blew my mind! | Success Face Podcast 05

Mark Ketting of Pyramid Industries joins Chris Richlife again as they talk about 12 ways you can instantly start making $1,000 more per month!

This Week’s Success Quote:

12 Ways YOU can start making $1,000 more per month INSTANTLY!

1. Dip into your trust fund.

Most likely, your parents didn’t leave you to face the world without being financially prepared. Dip into the trust fund your parents established. Chances are, the interest will cover your $1,000/month.

2. Ask your wealthy dad for more money.

You’d be surprised what you can accomplish if you convince your wealthy father to fund your extravagant lifestyle.

3. Get a minimum wage job.

Believe it or not, most minimum wage jobs will pay you at least $1,000/month to complete some lowly job.

4. Smash in windows at your local deli.

Show up the next day offering “security.”

5. Become a panhandler.

The more pitiful, the more you’ll pull on their heartstrings… and wallet!

6. Start a pyramid scheme MLM.

The only difference between a pyramid scheme and multi-level marketing is you throw in some crappy product into the mix to make it legal.

7. Find a rich cougar/sugar daddy.

Head down to some fancy dive and start flirting with an older, well-to-do person.

8. Kidnap someone.

Wait for a reward to be announced, and return them for the reward. Repeat monthly.

9. Find ways to get injured.

Sue the heck out of whoever you can shift the blame to.

10. Rob 1 convenience store every week.

It’s easy, lower-risk than some options, and fun!

11. Sell your internal organs.

Internal organs can fetch a large sum of money on the black market. Just start selling yours, one by one.

12. Start a MasterMind Group.

Not sure how? Join mine!


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