10 Unavoidable Ways Your Business Could Fail –#6 Will Blow Your Mind! | Success Face Podcast 03

Before you start your business, you should know the risks. And they are very real risks. Many of the things that can and probably will cause your business to fail are completely and utterly unavoidable. It’s important to know what those risks are so that you know what to be afraid of.


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10 Unavoidable Ways Your Business Could Fail

1. Stock market crash
It happened in the 30’s. It could happen again.



2. Natural disasters
Global warming. Climate change. Asteroids. Any of these things could destroy your business at any moment.


3. The Jews
Need I say more?


4. Someone invents a gold-making machine.
That would destroy the value of gold!


5. A major demographic could disappear.
What if your’e in the white sheet-manufacturing industry and the KKK disappears?


6. Extortion Issues.
What if you stop paying the local mob for “security?”


7. The authorities find out.
What if you’re running a business outside of the legal system? The authorities could find out about your non-prescription heroin distribution service, investment fraud scam and it all comes back to bite you when the investors don’t see the return? What if that one time you systematically slaughtered an entire pet store somehow gets held against you?


8. You forget to do your job.
What if you start your business, and then forget that you started it?


9. Your wife divorces you and takes all your money, and demands outrageous alimony.
The weight of your personal and financial turmoil would most likely result in a deep, dark depression that spins into a moment of temporary insanity where you slaughter an entire pet store!


10. You’re MY competition.
If you start an endeavor that directly competes with me, make no mistake: I. WILL. CRUSH. YOU.


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