10 Unavoidable Ways Your Business Could Fail –#6 Will Blow Your Mind! | Success Face Podcast 03

Failure due to crisis
Before you start your business, you should know the risks. And they are very real risks. Many of the things that can and probably will cause your business to fail are completely and utterly unavoidable. It's important to know what those risks are so that you know what to be afraid of. (more…)

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Whatever your dream is, it CAN be achieved!

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I should probably clarify that it can be achieved, but not necessarily by you. There are a ton of people reading this, and some of them are incredible losers. So, if you’re a loser with no likelihood of changing in the near future, then your dreams are probably going to be achieved by other people. You can go watch cat videos. …That you probably made yourself. Because you’re probably a cat person.